Coronavirus and Hair Loss
April 13, 2022
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Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia
December 9, 2022
When do I see a Trichologist?

Take Care of Your Scalp

Written by Sean Dirodis, President, National Hair Centers
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There are plenty of times you might have questions about your hair and scalp that are out of range for a hair stylist. Alopecia, dandruff, flaky scalp, itchy scalp, build-up, dryness, breakage...this can all be worked out with a trichologist.

Trichologists can take a microscopic look at your hair and identify problems such as product buildup along the base of the scalp, overprocessing, dandruff, etc. They can show you the right way to wash you hair - did you know most people don't wash their hair the right way? They can help avoid alopecia from overprocessed hair or buns that are too tight; they can let you know if it could be something internal, and work with your doctor to get a blood test; they can pinpoint skin allergies and premature breakage; trichologists are just super helpful when it comes to any problems you have with your scalp.

What is a trichologist?

A trichologist is a hair and scalp expert, plain and simple. The biggest issue trichologists deal with is hair loss. Trichologists understand the full life cycle of hair growth. They factor in chemical and biological issues that could be at play. Genetics, product usage, lifestyle and recent illness all can play a role in your overall hair health.

When do I need to see a trichologist?

Trichologists can be useful with any of the following conditions:
- Alopecia (hair loss)
- Hair breakage
- Dandruff
- Itchy Scalp
- Peeling scalp/scalp sunburn
- Thinning hair
- Abnormal dryness/oil

The COVID-19 pandemic has played a big role in hair loss. A few of the common symptoms of Covid can trigger hair loss in some individuals. This can either cause your hair to fall out prematurely (if you're genetically predetermined to have hair loss at some point in your life) or things like a high fever can temporarily cause hair loss. Oftentimes we're finding this hair loss can be permanent. The sooner you consult with a trichologist, the more options you'll have for treatment.

If you're experiencing problems with your hair and scalp, you might want to talk to a trichologist. Start TODAY by booking an in-depth consultation to get the information you need. If you’re experiencing unexplained hair loss or itchy scalp and would like to talk about your options, stop in and see us.