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February 17, 2020
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All about androgenic alopecia.

Types of Male Pattern Hair Loss: Symptoms and Treatments

The most common reason for hair loss in men.
alopecia Male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, is the most common reason for hair loss treatment for men around the world. In fact, more than half of men in the US over the age of 50 will deal with male baldness, which requires some form of men's hair replacement to address it. The good news is there are several treatments available, including laser hair treatment, which will help stop hair loss and make your hair healthy again.

Men's hair replacement - male pattern hair loss symptoms

The typical pattern of male baldness that leads to hair loss treatment for men like laser hair treatment starts at the hairline. The hairline slowly moves backward and resembles an "M" shape. After some time, the hair becomes thinner and shorter and becomes a U-shaped, or horseshoe, pattern without any presence of hair on the top portion of the head.

Hair loss treatment for male pattern hair loss

You can choose to undergo men's hair replacement procedures like hair weaving or hairpieces. If neither one of those options suits you, then there are several types of hair loss treatment for men that you can look into such as:

Laser hair treatment

- Involves using advanced laser technology to stimulate hair follicles in growing hair at a much more rapid pace.


- Men's hair replacement medications like Finasteride inhibit the production of testosterone, which is usually one of the main culprits for baldness in men. Aside from laser treatment and medication, there are other forms of men's hair replacement alternatives available like platelet-rich plasma therapy that is both effective and safe in helping your hair grow back. As long as it is not dangerous to your health, has proven results, and is ideal for your budget, you can try different men's hair replacement approaches as you see fit.Contact the experts at National Hair Centers for more information about hair systems, we are happy to help!