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Why you should start at the first sign of hair loss.

Treat Your Hair Loss EARLY!

Written by Sean Dirodis, National Hair Centers
losing hair in your 20s

Male pattern baldness (MPB) accounts for more than 95% of hair loss in men. By the age of thirty-five, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss and by the age of fifty, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. About twenty 25% of men who suffer from male pattern baldness begin the painful process before they reach the age of twenty-one and it can happen to teens as early as age 14.

Contrary to societal belief, most men who suffer from male pattern baldness are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it. A macho exterior can quickly erode as self-esteem diminishes with each round of hair viewed in the sink. Hair loss affects every aspect of the hair loss sufferer's life including their interpersonal relationships as well as their professional lives. It is not uncommon for men to even change their career paths because of their hair loss.

Unfortunately, most men will wait until they have hair loss that is noticeable to others, or actually go bald before they consider possible options. They take a reactive approach to the not so sudden early hair loss. Because it can take some time before we actually “go bald”, there is a window of time that one can actually be proactive about the early signs of hair loss and take action before going down the painful road to baldness.

If I said to get a “hair piece”, keep the same hair style, and get on with your life with hardly a blip, most men would not only say no, they would say hell no!! That is because people do not realize that just like in every other area of our lives, technology has improved by leaps and bounds and that products previously available only to the ultra-rich or famous are now available to us all.

Today's hair "systems" are made of human hair, attached with medical grade adhesives the same as a surgeon uses, and weaved into a skin-colored base, which makes them virtually invisible to the untrained eye. With no risk of moving, slipping, or falling off; one can maintain a normal, healthy and active lifestyle unknown to the rest of the world.

My Hair Loss Experience

I speak from experience as I invested in a hair piece at the first sign of baldness as a balding young man in my early 20s’, but not until first suffering for a while with the awareness that I was going to be bald. Because I took action before having to start doing the dreaded comb-over, nobody else knew other than those I confided in. Not one person at work (that scared me the most) noticed anything.

The thing is that people notice hair loss, they do not notice hair (let that sink in because it is so true). As the title of this blog alludes to… I got “it” done before “they” knew it. By doing so I saved myself a lot of heartache and mental anguish which allowed me to regain my confidence and become my old self.

If you're a guy dealing with baldness at a young age, don't wait until it's obvious to everyone before you take action. The best place to start is to get the facts, become educated, and do research. Start TODAY by booking a complimentary consultation to get the information you need. It's FREE, there's no obligation, and there's no pressure. If you’re experiencing unexplained hair loss and would like to talk about your options, stop in and see us.