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November 3, 2018
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How Does Hair Replacement Work?

Does hair replacement produce permanent results?
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A hair transplant is a procedure used for both men and women who are affected by hair loss. This revolutionary hair restoration method helps transform the appearance of hair with the most natural and realistic results possible. Men's hair replacement and women's hair replacement is a great way to repair damaged hair. However, most people are still hesitant thinking that this procedure is not permanent. But contrary to popular belief, these salon services for damaged hair are long lasting. Allow us to tell you how and why it works:

How it works

The procedure for men's hair replacement and women's hair replacement is carried out under local anesthetic and sedation and can be done in two ways:

One way for this type of salon service for damaged hair is called the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT or strip method). In this method, a strip of skin from the unaffected areas is removed. It is then divided into individual hair grafts, which contain about two hairs. After, the grafts are placed into tiny incisions on the scalp in the affected area. Finally, the wound at the back of the head will be stitched.

The second method for men's hair replacement and women's hair replacement salon services for damaged hair is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Usually, the entire head is shaved, then a special punch device is used to remove the individual grafts of hair directly. These are then placed into tiny incisions in the scalp.

Why it’s permanent

You can rest assured that men's hair replacement and women's hair replacement is permanent no matter what method is used. Since the surgery takes hair roots that are permanent from the back side of the head and are planted in the balding or thinning area, the new hair that grows from these planted roots also becomes permanent. However, you will experience temporary hair loss after a month as part of the permanent growth phase.

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