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May 28, 2021
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Hair loss in women can face extra challenges.

Hair Loss Help for Women

Written by Sarah S., National Hair Centers
woman with hair loss

Seeing a man who has a bald spot on top of his head is normal, so there isn’t a big fuss made when it happens, but for women, it can be much more difficult to deal with.

When a woman is losing her hair, it’s called alopecia and about one third of all adult females experience some sort of hair loss, while two-thirds of all women who have gone through post-menopause start losing their hair.

For some women, turning to a prescription drug, such as Minoxidil, better known by the name of Rogaine, can be an option.

You’ll have to use this product for about two months before you begin to see results and it usually stops growing hair around 4 months but, some folks have noticed their hair growing in up to a year. If this works for you, continue using it for as long as you want to keep your hair looking youthful again.

There’s one caution that you should know about before using Minoxidil and that is, the growth of unwanted facial hair, which may happen in some women.

If a woman is more interested in a proven solution, a hair system could be the best option. Using real human hair, a woman is fitted with the base of the system as it’s customized for every individual. After going over the right color and length, NHC will order the system. In a few weeks the woman will get her first cut-in, which is where the experienced stylist adheres the system to the scalp, for a semi-permanent solution to hair loss.

Hair transplants are also an option, but oftentimes due to the location of the hair loss, men tend to be better candidates. Hair transplants are the only 100% permanent solution to hair loss.

In addition to hair transplants and systems, we also offer laser hair therapy, fuller look salon services and Micro Point Links, the only extensions available on the top of the head, rather than the back and underside.

When you’re ready to do something about your hair loss, give us a call and make a free appointment to go over your customized options.