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April 22, 2020
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This is not your father's toupee.

Buying Online Hair?

It's the wrong product to try to skimp on.
Don't buy cheap hair online

Saving Money On Hair By Buying Online Is Risky.

The great thing about online shopping is that we can now purchase just about anything while sitting home in our PJs sitting at our desk. In many cases we can actually save money by buying things factory direct (eliminating the middleman), buying in volume, or doing cost comparisons from sites like Amazon and eBay. One could find hair for sale and buy hair online using this strategy to attempt to save money on a hair system.

Is Buying Hair Online A Good Idea?

Sometimes, there can be issues with these types of orders because of back orders or misunderstandings related to website information and photos and we often accept this as a risk of online ordering, so we can save money. While in many cases ordering products online is easy convenient and satisfying, there are many times the risk does not equal the savings potential. Buying hair online is one such example.

Today’s Hair Systems (still known as hair pieces, toupees) whether synthetic hair or real human hair, are one such product. This article explains why when you buy hair… the product and servicing of the product are intimately connected.

The Critical Role of the Hair Restoration Technician

There are five major things a professional hair restoration technician needs to understand and learn to provide the client with an effective as well as a satisfactory result. They are product features, client physiology, the climate where you live, adhesive type and method, and hair styling skills. This is where a professional hair restoration technician comes in.

Product Features of Buying Hair

How does an untrained, inexperienced consumer make such critical decisions related to a hair system as type, model, texture, or base configuration that best fits the needs of the client? The answer is that you can’t! It often takes many years of experience, coaching and some trial and error to get this right. It is as much art as science and understanding the mix of features is critical to an outstanding result.

Client Physiology

Just as the human body has many different heights, sizes, etc., the human scalp has many different variations and this is an often overlooked part of the decision process. The differences between people can be significant and often have a huge impact on the application method. The adhesive choice will ultimately determine how long and successfully your system remains in place between services. The skin on your head [scalp] is the same as the skin on the rest of your body. It can be normal, oily, or dry and subject to a myriad of skin conditions which can impact the success and comfort of your new hair system.

Climate Affects Your Hair and Scalp

Another often overlooked factor in hair restoration success is the part of the country that one lives in. The type of adhesive choice might be significantly different for an Arizona client who lives in a warm dry climate year round versus a client who lives in New York and experiences hot humid summers and cold damp winters.

Medical Adhesives

What makes today’s hair units so improved over the toupees of yesteryear is the advent of modern medical adhesives. Just as a surgeon today will often seal an incision with adhesive instead of sutures, the same adhesive products enable hair restoration technicians to perform precise applications of a hair system, have it remain in place until the next service, and make it virtually undetectable to an untrained eye.

Hair Styling Skills

Everyone knows there is a range of choices of salons from SuperCuts to an elite location like Paul Mitchell and one would expect the experience and skill level to be different between those two choices. In the hair restoration business, there is also a wide range of hair styling skills associated with the application and maintenance of a hair system.

There is great art in cutting your growing hair “just right” to blend with your hair unit so that it is virtually undetectable. In addition, there are other tweaks related to the color, cut, and style of your hair that ensures an outstanding result. One cannot go to just any stylist to accomplish this.

Other subtle skills become part of the hair technicians’ repertoire over the years so that subtle fixes can be resolved on the spot such as adding hair, redirecting knots, color correction, adding highlights or low lights, without sacrificing the integrity of the hair system.

You can now see that the hair restoration business can often appear simple when it is really quite sophisticated, requiring education, experience, and talent to ensure an outstanding result for the client. The reason it appears simple… Is that the elite companies in hair restoration business have a team that is able to do this seamlessly for the client.

Try getting all of that online!!!

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