At National Hair Centers, we understand the emotional toll hair loss takes on men and women. We’ve performed over 25,000 medical hair transplants and helped over 50,000 clients find a solution to hair loss. Additionally, NHC is internationally recognized as being the leader in hair restoration. We’ve been honored to receive many awards and recognitions for our contributions over the past 39 years.

WE have also been featured on many television news programs. Your hair can play an important role in how others look at you and how you look at yourself. For some, hair loss can have a devastating effect on their confidence, social lives, and even their careers.

Since 1975, National Hair Centers, the worlds largest hair restoration facility of its kind, and a founding member of Transitions International Group, has been internationally recognized as innovators in the art and science of hair loss and restoration. National Hair Centers offers all of the most effective hair loss procedures including: hair transplants, non-surgical solutions, FDA approved hair re-growth products and our exclusive three step laser hair therapy program. We are the only hair restoration center to offer all of these effective hair loss solutions.

Message from the President
Lisa Zimmerman

Congratulations! By visiting the NHC website, you’re taking the first step to improving your appearance and boosting your self-confidence by restoring your hair. Like it or not, people judge us on our appearance. Hair loss can make you look and feel older than you actually are and this can have a negative impact on your career and even on your social life. The good news is you never have to compromise on your appearance again!

Restoring self-esteem by restoring hair isn’t a business for me, it’s my life. My Father, Arnold Zimmerman, founded National Hair Centers in 1975. In 1977, while still in my teens, I joined my father in the company. We have always lead the industry in introducing the latest advanced technologies, surgical techniques, products, and solutions to address the various forms of thinning hair for men, women, and children.

I invite you to browse our website to learn more about your hair loss solution options. Hair restoration can be truly life changing.

Thank you for visiting our site!

About Us

Arnold Zimmerman founded the company in 1975 in Phoenix, Arizona and was joined by his daughter, Lisa in 1977. National Hair Centers has been owned and operated by the Zimmerman family for over 39 years.

Since its inception, National Hair Centers has grown to be the largest hair loss facility in the United States. NHC achieved this unprecedented growth by providing to one client at a time, outstanding results with exceptional personal care.

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NHC Founder

Arnold B. "Zim" Zimmerman

Arnold B. “Zim” Zimmerman was. Born in Washington D.C., he moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1975. Starting with a two room office in 1975, he built National Hair Centers into the largest facility of its kind anywhere in the world. He was internationally known as an “icon” in the hair restoration industry. He was always eager to share his vast knowledge with others, asking nothing in return. From the late 70′s through the early 90′s, acting as his own spokesman in NHC television commercials, he became a local “celebrity” who was recognized wherever he went. In recognition to his many contributions, he was honored with every major award the hair restoration industry has to offer.

Arnold retired in 2000, leaving the business in the capable hands of his Daughter Lisa Zimmerman. Although he was retired, his thoughts were never far away from the business he loved so much. He frequently stopped by NHC to say hello to the clients and staff whom he considered his family. Read More

The NHC Mission

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish National Hair Centers as the premier hair restoration facility in the United States. We will accomplish this by providing our clients the most effective hair restoration options while maintaining the highest standards of care and professional service.

We are guided by the shared values of leadership, innovation, respect, honesty, and integrity.

TO OUR CLIENTS: We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction to every client, each and every time they visit NHC.

TO OUR ASSOCIATES: The success of NHC is the result of the contributions of a dedicated team of professionals. We will provide our associates exciting opportunities for growth.

TO OUR COMMUNITY: We are dedicated to serving the community in which we work and live by making positive contributions to society.

NHC Hair Loss Solutions

Surgical Hair Transplants (FUT & FUE)

No other hair loss center in Arizona has more experience than NHC. NHC is the first and only Arizona hair restoration company to offer both traditional (FUT) and the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. Click to learn more about surgical hair transplants. Click to learn more about the Hair Transplant Experience at NHC.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

NHC has helped thousands of men, women and children regain a full thick head of real hair with non-surgical hair loss solutions.

NHC exclusively offers the finest non-surgical options available including Virtual Reality, Virtuesse and Follea.

3 Step Laser Hair Therapy Program

NHC is the only hair loss center in Arizona to offer the revolutionary 3-Step Laser Hair Therapy Program, utilizing three essential steps to stop hair loss. Laser technology has been FDA cleared to re-grow hair!

NHC is also the only hair loss center in Arizona to carry the portable Capillus 272 laser cap. Now you can treat your hair loss while on the go.

Hair Extensions and Micro Points

At National Hair Centers, we’ve elevated hair extensions to both an art and a science. Whether you have thinning or fine hair and you’re looking for greater length, or more volume, you can achieve your desires with hair extensions from NHC. Click to learn more about Men’s hair extensions solutions or Click to learn more about women’s hair extensions solutions.

Hair Re-Growth Products

Only NHC offers all of the most effective hair loss products formulated to slow down or reverse hair loss progression including shampoo and conditioners, DHT inhibitors, Propecia, Rogaine and more. Click here to learn more…

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Medical hair loss is caused by treatments such as chemotherapy.

Though in most cases it’s a temporary condition, which reverses itself once treatments stop, it can be very disconcerting to the woman who experiences it. We know. Learn more about Recover With Confidence Arizona

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Affordable Hair transplants from National Hair Centers

Dave McKenna talks about the portable Capillus 272 laser cap.

Women’s Support Group

National Hair Centers is proud to offer at absolutelyno charge a Women’s Support Group open to all women dealing with thinning hair and all forms of hair loss. The support group provides women with the opportunity to meet and get to know others experiencing hair loss. We also feature guest speakers to share all sorts of great information related to hair care, hair products, hair loss, hair restoration and more.It is estimated that 30 million women in America suffer from hair loss. This support group provides a sanctuary for women to listen, share, learn and enjoy the company of fellow women dealing with hair loss.

Other Hair Company Clients

Other Hair Company Clients

National Hair Centers is the ORIGINAL Hair Restoration company in Arizona. Many companies have come and gone. However, we continue to lead the industry since 1975 with our dedication to offering the latest technology and procedures in the industry.

Our commitment to serve the clients of other hair companies is unmatched:

NHC will BEAT any price of any existing hair restoration company you are currently participating with. Hair transplant patients: discover the advantages of having your second procedure by NHC We want to earn your business through our extensive collection of: Hard-to-find processes and procedures Customized packages and programs In-stock semi-custom and custom hair systems Exclusive brands of the finest hair available We offer EVERY proven solution for hair restoration available in the industry.

Our Promise To Non-Surgical Clients:

NHC is so confident that we offer every method, we guarantee that if you can find a non-surgical hair restoration process that we don’t offer, we will buy it for you! (Ask for details)

Our products and services have been featured on these networks and shows:

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