National Hair Centers Reviews

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I only received 3 months of laser treatment and I noticed a difference both in the quality of my hair and shedding. The treatments along with the special hair products were working. I would recommend this place and their treatment plans to anyone losing their hair. I didn’t do a full year of treatments because I moved out of state. All in all, great staff and service. They make you feel like family there.

Jennifer C., Cedar Park TX

I have been going to NHC for ten years, and there are basically three things that keep me coming back. First of all, they listen to me, giving me their undivided attention as I explain what I want. Secondly, Sean is especially helpful and knowledgeable, always following through when he says he will do something that I have requested. Finally, all of the employees are courteous and make me feel like a valued customer. I will continue to avail myself of the excellent products and services at NHC.

Joseph I., Phoenix AZ

★★★★★ – 2/7/2016 Went for a FUT at National Hair Centers, march 2014. The doctor was a plastic surgeon, therefore he had a much bigger concern for hairline and overall appearance than many others would. It came out perfectly. It took 6-8 months to start growing in well but I now have a full head of hair where i was receding significantly, about 50% back. This probably wouldnt work for someone with severe baldness, but is great for someone with a little hair left. Not as expensive as some other places also.

MT, Scottsdale AZ

★★★★★ – 6/5/2015 I have been to other places in Arizona, where the service was JUST okay, I was recommend by a friend to visit National Hair Center in PHX, AZ.  The staffs there makes you feel less stress about your situation, very caring and friendly staffs. It would be a disservice to YOU if National Hair center wasn’t your first choice. Keep up the excellent work guys and thank you, for making my life less stressful.

Joe R, Mesa AZ

I have recently had the honor of being taken care of by the amazing staff at NHC. After two years of struggling with laser treatments, life stresses including death of my sister, loss of our home and divorce… Needless to say, no way to grow hair…so Sean suggested a hair system. I got it 9 days ago and it has been life changing for me! I feel amazing and gorgeous for the first time in my life. Skylar is a true artist and the whole team is simply wonderful! Thank you NHC!

Susan E, Phoenix AZ

★★★★★ – 03/16/2017 National Hair Centers has been great since the day I walked in the door. The hair systems I have gotten from them have been great. Nobody can tell that a system is not my own hair. I also want to give credit to the staff. They are incredible from the owners to the receptionists to Dee Stillwell who has worked on me since I started coming to National Hair Centers. I couldn’t be happier with this business and look forward to working with them as long as I live in the Phoenix metro area!!!!

Marie S, Buckeye AZ